Work at a Fund or Start Your Own

Steven Melia

Evan Petitt

Vignesh Ravikumar

Logan Allin

Rob Eloff

Harshad Lalit, Ph.D.

Julie Wolf

Zach Firestone

Herston Powers

Yash Rohera

Jesse Bloom

Samara Gordon

Matt Snow

Rahul Rana

Patrick Sikorsky

Summary of Learning Topics

Buy Side Vs Sell Side, Private Equity & VC Intro

  • The Investment Management Universe
  • The Buy Side vs. The Sell Side
  • Investment Banking 101
  • Private Equity & VC Dynamics
  • The Evolution of Venture Capital
    • Management Fees & Carry
    • Generalist vs. Niche Focused Funds
  • Angel Investing, Pre-seed/Seed , Late Stage, & Growth Equity Basics
  • Private Equity 101
    • Leveraged Buyouts
    • Hostile Takeovers
    • Delisting Securities

Career Pathways and Secondary Markets

  • Private Equity/VC Career Pathways
  • Corporate Venture Capital
  • Secondary Markets & Transactions
  • How to Start a Secondary Markets Career & Business
  • Emerging Manager Programs
  • The Private Equity/VC Lifecycle Framework

Market Sizing, Investment Thesis, Sourcing, Investor KPI's

  • Top Down Market Sizing
  • Bottom Up Market Sizing
  • Developing an Investment Thesis 
  • Handling Confirmation Bias in Investing
  • Investment Pattern Matching & Analysis
  • First Principles Investment Methodologies
  • Emotional Intelligence in PE/VC
  • Inbound and Outbound Dealsourcing Strategy
  • Dealflow Analysis Parameters

Financial Statements Analysis, Revenue/Churn Analysis, IRR


  • Intro to Financial Statements
  • Income Statements, Balance Sheets, & Cash Flows
  • Financial Key Performance Indicators & Metrics
  • Revenue / Churn Modeling & Analysis
  • Contribution Margin
  • Net Present Value vs. Internal Rate of Return
  • IRR, EBITDA, Enterprise Value, Equity Value
  • IRR Benchmarks
  • Discounted Cashflows, Leveraged Buyouts

Valuation, Fund Structures, Cap Tables, Financial Modelling, Waterfall Analysis, Return Multiple Analysis

  • Valuation & Ownership
  • Funding Vehicles
  • Evergreen Vs. Closed End Fund Structures
  • Raising Capital for a Fund & How to Build a Network of LPs
  • Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations, & Venture Philanthropy
  • Emerging Manager Programs
  • How to start an SPV, Fund, Rolling Fund, and Syndicate
  • Private Equity & VC Regulations
  • Venture Debt
  • Fund Mechanics & Financing Channels
  • Modeling a Fund’s Size, Time Horizon, & Returns
  • Funding Rounds and Sizes
  • Tech & PE / VC Stacks
  • Industries & Exit Trends
  • Cap Tables 
  • Return Scenarios & Waterfall Analysis

Datarooms, Diligence, Term Sheets, Board Seats/Governance, Tax Policies, & Accounting

  • Data Rooms & Due Diligence
  • Term Sheets / Liquidation Preferences
  • Board Seats / Governance
  • Wiring Money, Final Closing Events, Tax, & Accounting

Investment Committees

  • Final Investment Committee Meetings
  • Final Deals/Investments are Closed

Career Coaching, Private Equity / VC Mock Interviews, & Resume Review

  • Private Equity Career Support
  • Career Coaching, Mentorship, Resume Writing
  • PE/VC Career Placement
  • Warm Intros to Hiring Managers
  • Private Investor Meetings

Global Times (Evenings)

Monday Partners Meetings, Wednesday Academic Sessions

North America

8:30-10:30pm EST

EMEA (EU, India, Africa, Middle East)

6pm-8pm UK time

East Asia (HK, Singapore, Malaysia)

8:30-10:30pm HK time

Testimonials:  Investment Banking and Private Equity

It was a valuable experience. It provided me a look into the VC industry, real world experiences by talking to founders and sourcing deals, and the tools to think critically about startups as potential investment opportunities.

What stood out to me most about the program was the resources Joel provided for our cohort, from having real VC’s sit in and evaluate our investment ideas, to having experienced lawyers and CFO’s come in to teach us. Furthermore, Sutton Capital’s collaborative environment combined with the diverse backgrounds of our cohort members gave me a variety of perspectives to learn from.

Above all else, Joel is extremely invested in your development and career goals. 1 to 1 office hours are offered generously.

David Wong  Investment Banking:  Hired by Baird

Sutton Capital's program is hands down one of the most influential experiences I have been a part of. With years of Big 4 M&A consulting experience, I wanted to learn more about buyside roles and more specifically VC & PE.  Joel’s program goes above and beyond teaching students about all things VC & PE. From participating in weekly interviews with Family Office’s and VC & PE investors from around the world to personally interviewing founders and qualifying deals, the amount of opportunities does not end. For anyone who is interested in getting hands-on, world-class experience in VC, this is the program for you!

Michael San Roman, Invesment Banking:  

hired by:  Wells Fargo

Sutton Capital’s Private Equity & Venture Capital Investor Program has been an extremely positive experience. Joel is an extremely caring and thoughtful mentor who is very knowledgeable and well-connected in VC industry.
From the program, I have been able to learn about how a VC/Private Equity fund operates, learn how to source deals, improve my financial modeling skills, speak directly with founders, and present deals and receive feedback to not only Sutton Capital but also other VC’s in Joel’s network.  I recommend this program to anyone who wants to break into investing.  Access to Joel’s network is extremely valuable and Joel is very willing to help in any regard (career advice, networking, a friend). He genuinely cares and wants to see you succeed.

Zach Blitz:  Private Equity /Portfolio Analyst:  Hired By Warburg Pincus

Definitely got my money's worth with the program and highly recommend it to anybody thirsty for knowledge and real world experience in the VC & Private Equity ecosystem.

Our leader, Joel, brings mentors  to investment committees to teach and give feedback on the deals that we find. This experience is very special since it shows what working at a VC or Private Equity fund looks like.

I enjoyed my experience so much that I stayed with the program to mentor, help Joel continue to grow the platform, and to find solid deals that are a good fit for Sutton to invest in.  I was able to land a role at a private equity firm shortly after.


James Georgalas, Private Equity , hired by MidCap

Joining Sutton Capital is one of the best personal investment decisions i have made. I have gained valuable skills,  lessons, friendships and valuable mentorship from Joel. Joel is truly caring and a compassionate mentor and he created an amazing program where we learn everything from the basics you need to know to prepare yourself to be an investor in the VC / Private Equity world.  We learn comprehensive financial modeling and present at Investment Committees.  I would say I have a sense of belonging at Sutton Capital,  and i am upgraded as a person/professional. Right after I joined the program, i was approached by many VC’s and PE’s in Asia for career opportunities.

Monica Nyndia , Private Equity:  Hired By Q Investment Partners

I joined the Sutton Capital Global Venture Capital & Private Equity Program .  We apply the learned concepts into the real world by joining investment teams and sourcing deals. It offered countless learning opportunities to accumulate experiences and sharpen your skills as an aspiring venture capital and private equity investor.

Every week, Joel invited actual investors to provide feedback, and you learn so much just by listening to other members presenting a deal. The community aspect of Sutton is incredible and is the most amazing part of this experience.  I would highly recommend this program. I believe it will provide an immense amount of value to your professional trajectory.

Rikki Chiba:  Investment Banking, hired by Nomura

Testimonials:  Private Equity & Venture Capital

Sutton Capital’s Venture Capital Investor Program has been an amazing experience for me. Joel has provided us with a platform to learn about the Venture Capital Industry and has opened up his network to us.

As a member of the program, I have learned how VC’s analyze prospective businesses and what to look for in doing my own due-diligence. I loved being able to improve my technical skills, speak with founders, and expand my horizon in the VC industry. The program allows you to dive into any type of company you are interested in such as B2B, Healthcare, and Deep Tech. With a growing alumni network and support system, Joel gives you the ability to learn and absorb information and guidance on potential investments of interest.

Joel truly is a caring mentor who wants you to succeed. He is willing to spend time with you online and offline to answer any questions and provide guidance. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to increase their knowledge of the VC industry and anyone looking to expand their network. Joel does an awesome job of connecting you with other VC’s around the world providing you the necessary tools to become a successful VC.

Evan Langsam:  VC Associate:  Growth Equity, hired by Seedinvest

The Sutton Capital Investor Program was an incredible experience both personally and professionally. The program covered every part of VC from the history, to term sheets, to waterfall analysis, and even sourcing your own deals on behalf of the Sutton Capital firm. On top of that, you get to join an ecclectic cohort of intelligent people from all of the world. The instructor, Joel, is very hands on, responsive and very knowledgeable about the space. He is also able to breakdown the more complicated pieces of VC to make them more easily digestible and relatable. Joel was awesome and has helped me tremendously. I fully appreciated the skills, tools and network that I have gained in this program, which ultimately helped me pivot my career into venture capital full time. For those that are interested in gaining exposure to venture capital, I would highly consider this program. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn and I can answer any questions you may have!

Christopher Weathers:  VC Associate, hired by Greenspring Associates

I joined Sutton Capital after a virtual VC event at my university.  When I began the program, the first thing I noticed was that it was very well structured and balanced the classroom and practical elements very well.  Every Monday, any member of the cohort was allowed to present to Joel and other seasoned VC's at the partner's meeting. This proved to be a very valuable experience as it allowed me to gain confidence in my ability to perform due diligence and analyze various potential investments.  The program's overall environment was very fun, lively, and collaborative, which allowed me to not only learn from Joel but the other cohort members as well.  Joel, the general partner, is extremely supportive and responsive. He constantly checks in with us, looking for ways to improve the learning experience of the program and to help us succeed. His network is also vast, allowing for many opportunities for us to meet VC's across a multitude of sectors.  I highly recommend this program.


Hasan Saifee:  VC Associate, placed at Intonation Ventures

Sutton Capital’s Venture Capital investor program has been an amazing experience for me. Joel is very friendly, engaging for teaching/coaching, and smart. You will get a lot out from this program – the more you put your effort into, the more reward you can gain. The program operates globally and has four verticals (B2B, B2C, Deep Tech, and Impact).  It is a great opportunity to network with members globally and to learn from them

As Joel always mentions, you will be a part of Sutton Capital family once you join the program. I would highly recommend this program!

Riichiro Kimura:  Principle ($1.4 Billion Venture Fund (hired by Global Brain Corporate VC) 

I joined Sutton Capital Global Venture Capital & Private Equity Program through my friend's referral and connecting to Sutton’s general partner, Joel Palathinkal. The program consists of of academic training in Venture Capital and Private Equity and hands on learning applying the concepts into the real world by joining investment teams and sourcing deals. It offered countless learning opportunities to accumulate experiences and sharpen your skills as an aspiring venture capitalist or private equity Investor.

Associate:  Placed at Chloe Capital


I joined Sutton Capital’s Global Venture and Private Equity Program and it was such a valuable experience. I find it so unique because it is a hands-on, experiential learning experience where you get to find companies of your own and pitch them to real VCs.  As someone coming into the program with little to no knowledge about the VC industry, Joel gave such a holistic breakdown and made sure to take time to answer any of our questions before moving on.   I highly recommend this program not just for its structure, but also for its amazing mentorship and community.

Venture Capital Analyst, placed at Cathay Capital

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the next cohort?

Your 1 year of access starts upon registration.  So there’s no more cohorts.  We have rolling admissions so you can start when the next seat opens.  If full, you will be on the waiting list  

Do I need finance experience

No we will teach the fundamentals very slowly from the beginning from thesis to detailed financial modeling (DCF, LBOs, and many more)

Do you help us with our Careers

Yes, you meet several VCs & private equity investors who are mentoes.  Our team will also help you with your resume and practice interviews

What’s the time commitment?

It’s 2 hours on monday night and 2 hours on wednesday in all timezones globally. Everything is recorded if you miss a session

How big is the fund?

Sutton Capital Ventures LP invests directly into opportunities across various industries.  This is a private generalist investment vehicle 

What is the program like

This is a hands-on immersive venture capital & private equity learning experience with best in class tools, investment professional mentors, & engaging support communities

How many students are in each class?

We cap it at around 25 students a class to ensure intimate connections with the investor mentors

Do I get a certificate when done?

Once the lessons are completed, there is an indication of completion that the learning portal generates

Is this taught virtual or in person?

This is held live and online, with all content readily available to watch on-demand.  In person investor community events are currently being planned.

Who are the Instructors?

The instructors are top tier investors who work at fulltime jobs in private equity and venture capital

What does the course cost?

A venture capitalist role which puts you on the edge of innovation earns up to ~140k according to the but depending on the firm, and your level of seniority, can vary to be higher or lower.  Your investment to gain this knowledge & skill is an exciting journey ahead.  

How do I register?

You can go to the course page to register, pay and reserve your seat (limited seats) or email to book time with a career counselor

Do You Guarantee Any Results?

This is strictly a training program for educational purposes only, so we cannot make any guarantees to any types of results in job placements, careers, or introductions.

What's the Profile of People Who Join?

People come from all walks of life.  Some people are early in their career trying to build the skills and network, many are also mid career looking for the right way to pivot in while still maintainng their stable job.  Some are in between jobs and using this as a launchpad into this exciting career.  And many are also late in their career nearing retirement looking to reinvent themselves and break in.  What all these personas have in common is that VC and Private Equity is important to them and they want to take this on as a serious approach to break in.

1 Year Private Equity/Venture Capital Rotation Program

Present startups to VC and Private Equity Investors every Monday night & meet guest speakers and learn academic modules on wednesdays.  Get resume writing support & private career coaching & networking opportunities with thousands of investors and mentors:  

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