After graduating over 200+ funds in the last year, we noticed that many of the fund managers wanted to start backing new fund managers. This behavior started to mirror that of seasoned entrepreneurs who wanted to seed early entrepreneurs in their journey. In this exciting brand newAccelerator, Experienced and Institutional investors will mentor emerging LPs, and novel concepts will be discussed to improve the industry as a whole


LPs also get high value from networking with other likeminded LPs who have either similar goals, or new approaches to share. These interactions stimulate new opportunities, gain alignment across firms and generate opportunities for coinvesing across asset classes. In some instances, LPs also


Time: Thursdays 12pmEST, 9amPST

Dates: September 22, 29th, October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th


LP Portfolio Construction (How different types of LPs approach this

Workflows, Painpoints, & Tech Stacks

-Manager Selection

-Investing vs Operational Due Diligence

Time Horizons of Returns

Recycling & Reupping Criteria


To get accepted, you must be a fulltime institutional allocator who invests in fund managers (not raising capital for a fund). A few select nonallocators who are building their career as “emerging LPs” will be allowed entrance by paying a tuition fee.