Monday Sept 12, 2022:   Tips to Break Into VC




Financial Models


Massive List of Excel Downloads

Great intro to Private Equity:


DECK: Private Equity Fundamentals


DCF MOdel:


LBO DataSheet:


Multifamily Analysis Tool:


PE/LBO MOdel (advanced): << for public companies


Liquidation Analysis Model:


How to Look at P&L


Financial Projections Template


What to look at in the statement of cashflows 

LP Equalization tables 

 Carry Valuation Model: 

VC Exit Model: 



 Establishing a Valuation policy

Valuation Policies 

Early Stage Boards 

Investment memo creator tool

9 things that VCs look at

Cold Outreach Dos and Dont’s

Term Sheet Guide

Templates for founder updates  

What is a Board of Directors Agreement ? 

Lessons from Making 80 Angel Investments:  

Huge list of goodies:

 What are Earnouts?? 

How to do market sizing with the TAM onion strategy:

 The Dark Matter of Software Valuations 

Burn Productivity and How it Impacts Valuation:

 Sequioa’s Biggest Investing Mistake:    

What I learned interviewing our LPs:  Harlem Capital 


Memo Examples: 



Andrew Parker helped with the Liquidation Model at Union Square Ventures. here’s his site:


SPACS by Bill Gurley


Investment Theses By Bessemer


Mental Models for Venture Theses


Not All Revenue Is Created Equal


Not All Gross Margins is the Same


VC and Startup Terms / Glossary


The Pegasus Startup


First Principles Thinking


Ultimate Guide to Liquidation Preferences


Tech Investing / Value Theory


Advisor/Investor Updates – Earnest Capital


VC in the 21st Century


Diversifying Dealflow


4 things for VCs


3 Things for B2B Cos


Best content from VCs


Dream Data Room


B2B Marketplaces Deep Dive


very exhaustive analysis on new / experienced and sector focused vs. generalist VCs:

 How to prevent a hostile takeover 

Example of an investment strategy / thesis:

 Tips to Raise a Fund 

Undertanding a Startup’s Burn Multiple

How to Start a Fund 

 Fund Quarterly Letter Example

The Most important metric for Fund I 

Break Into VC Guide:

Investor portal templates  

Tips to Close LPs 

Common questions that LPs ask VCs  

 10 Learnings about starting a fund 

How to run an annual meeting 

 LPs who Allocate to Emerging Funds 

 Considerations for the 1st fund and beyond 


How Harlem Capital Raised $174 Million 

Learnings from Tons of Funds: 

 How to Standout to LPs 

VC fund decks 

How to vet LPs 

Fund Portfolio Construction 

 Emerging Fund Manager Benchmarks 

Institutional LPs who work with emerging managers 

Career Advice

Career Moves for the Right Reasons

Pivoting into VC  

VC Career Prep Guide 

How Megan Loyst Got her job at Lerer:


Resume Template Example


VC Firms nominate top interview questions


Top 9 Interview Questions


Advice from 45 VCs on Getting a Job in VC


How to get a job in VC , by Brad Feld


Patterns of Getting Into VC