Fund Accelerator

The Challenge

One of the largest challenges for emerging fund managers when raising a fund is having access to a support system to help with the resources that they need. We help to solve this problem with our Fund Accelerator which provides mentorship to emerging fund managers from LPs who invest in funds.

We are proud to share that we have successfully completed Cohort 1 of this accelerator.  This 8 week program consisted of 1.5 hour meetings every tuesday night where 15 seed funds (micro VCs (<$100M) ,nano VCs (<$15M) and 6 pre-seed funds (managers who plan to fully form their fund in the next 3-6 months) spent time with LPs. We covered various topics with LPs who were mentoring the fund managers. The LP base spanned from high net worth individuals who have invested directly into emerging funds, Single Family Offices, Pension Funds, Endowments, and Fund of Funds.

Introducing:  Cohort 1

Meeting LPs in Person

In person networking has also played a critical role in relationship building.  We were very fortunate to take the virtual world and make it physical.  In June, we were able to host an in person event where ~35 single family offices were able to meet the Sutton emerging manager cohort.  It was exciting to see so many people fly in from different cities to all bond in person.  A special thanks goes to First Republic Bank, Venture Sails, Trinet, 678 Partners, and the Classic Car Club for making this event a HUGE success.

This summer, we will be preparing our emerging managers for our upcoming Allocator Summit, where we will get to spend more intimate time in breakout sessions with additional LPs to share their story and vision for thier fund.  The top fund managers will get to attend the summit in person.

Finally, our mission is to continue to support hundreds of emerging managers every year.  In order to do this, we’ll have to continue building.  Below is the schedule for the upcoming cohorts.


Cohort 2 (2021):  Sept 28th – Nov 16th ,   Global LP Summit: Dec 7th

Cohort 3 (2022):  Jan 11th- March 1st , Global LP Summit : March 15th

Cohort 4 (2022):  March 15th-May 3rd, Global LP Summit:  May 17th



-Seed Fund:  If you have fully formed the fund and raised $1M+ in initial capital, you are eligible to be a seed fund and there is no tuitionLP reference checks will be required upon request.  You can apply here 

Pre-seed fund:  Those who have not formed a fund but want to learn and participate as a pre-seed fund alongside the cohort can signup & register here .  



-It’s not a class.  It’s an accelerator for funds

-Meet 2-3 LPs a week from Day 1

-Live in-person networking with LPs

-End of Cohort LP Summit in Person

-Tight knit community of global LP mentors, GPs & Alumni




What is Cohort 1 Saying?