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Learn from LPs & Connect With Institutional Investors

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BASIC FUND Accelerator Program  

This program is designed to teach you how to refine your craft to being a world class fund manager.  This is for fund managers of all asset classes (venture, PE, private credit, hedge funds, real estate, etc..) who are launching their debut Fund I all the way up to established funds deploying even beyond Fund 5+.  Join a great LP & Fund Manager alumni community where you can get mentorship and education from your peers.  In the last few years, hundreds of both emerging and established funds have joined our program.


SCHEDULE:  12-1pmEST on October 15th, 22nd, 29th, & November 5th, 12th


-FOCUS Groups with fund managers

-Refining your Fund thesis & brand identity

-Portfolio Construction

-Fund formation / Fund admin & Ops / Infrastructure

-How to Raise LP Capital

-Performance Reporting / LP Updates

-Graduation Ceremony

-LP Networking events 





PREMIUM LP Mentorship Program 


This program is a premium program which supplements the FUND Accelerator for LPs and GPs who are serious about scaling with additional touchpoints.  The purpose is to connect LPs and GPs in an intimate way through in person events & experiences across the globe, curated private experiential encounters, and vetting dedicated LPs who are willing to mentor fund managers.  With this market, it’s very difficult to connect with the right people who are truly allocating and who are truly building world class organizations.  Are you looking to launch a fund or a multi generational franchise?



BASIC FUND ACCELERATOR 12-1pmEST on October 15th, 22nd, 29th,

& November 5th,12th

LP MENTORSHIP SESSIONS 12-1pmEST on October 17th, 24th, 31st,

& November 7th, 14th


-All the same access as the Basic Fund Accelerator 

-Weekly LP Mentorship Sessions with personalized LP interaction on Thursdays

-Private access to curated LP Experiential Events in different cities across the globe 

-Priority guaranteed VIP Access to LP community events (most events get sold out)

-Dedicated 1-1 coaching & mentorship on strategy & fund modeling

-Private LP Dinners (example recent Boston Private LP Dinner link here>>


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