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Why Now

This is the most exciting time to be in venture.  There are several new pathways for people to become venture capitalist, Solo GPs, or part of an institution.  Sutton Capital’s fund accelerator program was created to be a catalyst for these pathways towards fund I-III.  There are great opportunities to bridge the gap between founders and VCs, but only recently has there been a dedicated to community building and education around connecting GPs to LPs.  We are excited to be one of the newer and larger networks building this tight network.  Often times, it is still quite difficult for fund managers to get the resources they need and a support system that compliments that.

We kicked off cohort 1 back in April-May with 15 funds and it was a huge success.  The LP base spanned from high net worth individuals who have invested directly into emerging funds, Single Family Offices, Pension Funds, Endowments, Tech entrepreneurs, and Fund of Funds.

Cohort 2 which is currently in progress consists of 40 funds globally on fund I-III, and we now have bonus sessions with LPs in Europe.  This is more than double our previous cohort with a broader industry focus on exciting sectors like climate change, impact, robotics, deep tech, healthcare, ai, and computing.  We are doing a special GEN Z cohort in the winter.


The top 10 GPs were chosen to attend the allocator summit.  It was great to see amazing GPs and LPs fly in from all over the country to attend our Allocator Summit.  See the Post here.


Cohort 4 & Cohort 5 Guidelines

Cohort 4 (2022):  Feb 1st – March 15th, 2022 

Cohort 5 (2022):  May 17th – June 28th, 2022

-Closing Fund:  If you have fully formed the fund and closed $1M+ in initial capital towards fund I-III, you are eligible to be a “closing fund”.  LP reference checks will be required upon request.  You can apply here 

-Cost:  FREE

-Schedule:  Meet with the Cohort of GPs and LPs for 7 Tuesdays   

-Requirements:  Need to have committed closed capital of $1M+ and provide an LP who can serve as a reference check


Pre-close fund:  Those who have not formed a fund, hard closed less than $1M  , and/or want to learn alongside the established fund cohort and LPs can signup & register here .  We normally only accept 3-4 pre-close funds.  We are looking for amazing people who want to change the world.  

-Cost:  $3999

-Schedule:  Meet with the Cohort every Tuesday & an optional office hours on Thursday for more dedicated coaching & training

-Requirements:  No institutional fund experience needed.  Just need to be willing to attend for the cohort weeks & have plans to eventually raise a fund in the future.



-It’s not a class.  It’s an accelerator for funds

-Meet 3-6 LPs a week from Day 1

-Live networking with LPs

-End of Cohort LP Summit in Person (for the top funds)

-Tight knit community of global LP mentors, GPs & Alumni

 DISCLAIMER:  All content & programming provided is for educational purposes only and nothing further.  See further specific details in our DISCLAIMER.


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