Financial Models

Great intro to Private Equity:

DECK: Private Equity Fundamentals

DCF MOdel:

LBO DataSheet:

Multifamily Analysis Tool:

PE/LBO MOdel (advanced): << for public companies

Liquidation Analysis Model:


Huge list of goodies:

How to do market sizing with the TAM onion strategy:

Burn Productivity and How it Impacts Valuation:

Memo Examples: 

Andrew Parker helped with the Liquidation Model at Union Square Ventures. here’s his site:

SPACS by Bill Gurley

Investment Theses By Bessemer

Mental Models for Venture Theses

Not All Revenue Is Created Equal

Not All Gross Margins is the Same

VC and Startup Terms / Glossary

The Pegasus Startup

First Principles Thinking

Ultimate Guide to Liquidation Preferences

Tech Investing / Value Theory

Advisor/Investor Updates – Earnest Capital

VC in the 21st Century

Diversifying Dealflow

4 things for VCs

3 Things for B2B Cos

Best content from VCs

Dream Data Room

B2B Marketplaces Deep Dive

very exhaustive analysis on new / experienced and sector focused vs. generalist VCs:

Example of an investment strategy / thesis:

Career Advice

How Megan Loyst Got her job at Lerer:

Resume Template Example

VC Firms nominate top interview questions

Top 9 Interview Questions

Advice from 45 VCs on Getting a Job in VC

How to get a job in VC , by Brad Feld

Patterns of Getting Into VC